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15 Women Confess To Feeling Some Major Mom Guilt
As a parent, you want to give your child the world and be best the you can possibly be. So it's no surprise that there's a lot of pressure when it comes to parenting, not only from yourself, but from society as well where woman are expected to do it all. These 15 moms reveal how this kind of pressure leads to a phenomenon called "mom guilt". Learn all about it in these eye-opening confessions.

As much as you love your unborn child, you can't help but miss the old you.

I haven't had my little girl yet, but I always feel bad when I talk about wanting "my body" back. I love & am excited for her to be here. Yet, I also want to feel pretty in my body again.

Boiling Springs, South Carolina, US

And being able to be a little selfish.

I love my son more than anything, but sometimes I don't want to be a mom anymore because I feel like I've lost myself

Oak Harbor, Washington, US

There are some things you didn't want to pass down.

My daughter has mental health issues. I feel guilty for bringing her into the world like this.

Cambridge, Virginia, US

You're only one person.

I have so much mom guilt because I'm a single mom and can't provide my son with a sibling. It makes me feel like less of a woman.

White Plains, New York, US

It makes you feel awful.

My 3 year old daughter had to start school this year because of her speech. I feel like I did something wrong & wish she could still stay home with me.

Moosup, Connecticut, US

Some things are out of your control.

I hate myself for having a miscarriage. I feel like I failed as a mom.